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FinTek-Pros REBATES 5% of your first year's Sezzle Merchant Transaction Fees when you Sign Up HERE

Add the best BNPL App as a Financing Option for Your Customers TODAY

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Who is Sezzle

Sezzle is a BNPL payment solution that empowers your customers to “Buy Now and Pay Later” with interest-free six-week installment plans.

Sezzle Drives Traffic

The Sezzle marketplace and search engine drives significant traffic to Sezzle merchant's E-commerce sites with high conversion rates.

You Get Paid

In the first twelve months of operation, you will earn 5% REBATES from FinTek Pros on all qualifying transaction fees from Sezzle.

47,000 Merchants

Merchants Currently Using Sezzle for Buy Now and Pay Later Financing Solutions.

3,400,000 Consumers

Active Retail Consumers Currently Using Sezzle as their preferred Buy Now Pay Later Shopping Solution

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Buy Now Pay Later Drives Growth

There are 360 million BNPL users worldwide

Half the US population now uses Buy Now Pay Later apps. This is a significant increase over 2020, when only 37.7% of consumers had utilized BNPL companies for their online purchases.


Grow Your Business with Recovered Transaction Fees

All businesses, especially small businesses, need to cut costs in this inflationary environment. When you sign up for Sezzle through FinTek-Pros, for the first 12 months you will receive 5% of your Sezzle transaction fees paid back to you by FinTek-Pros.

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Sezzle's Marketplace Drives Traffic

You are Listed & Searchable on the Sezzle Marketplace

Sezzle actively drives traffic to merchant stores from the Sezzle marketplace. Most Sezzle merchants experience a dramatic uptick in traffic to their E-commerce sites driven by Sezzle's powerful search engine.


Increase Sales and Get Cash Back!


How does this work?

You simply click the "Sign Up Now" button, fill in the contact form on the next page then click through to Sezzle and complete the Sezzle merchant application.

How much does this cost?

This doesn't cost you a penny. You will never be asked to provide credit card or banking information.

How to join?

Click on the "Sign Up Now" button. The signup form on the next page collects your business name, primary contact, and E-mail. You will then be directed to Sezzle to complete their application.

Who is FinTek-Pros?

FinTek-Pros, an S.Harrington Enterprises venture, researches and promotes solutions for online and brick-and-mortar businesses. Products and services determined by FinTek-Pros to be "Best in Class" are offered to our member companies at greatly reduced cost. Exceptional offerings such as Sezzle are promoted by FinTek Pros to the business community at large. Any referral fees received are shared by FinTek-Pros with the applicant at levels 50% or greater.

Is FinTek-Pros Associated with Sezzle?

We are not in any way associated with Sezzle. We receive a fee for referring prospects to Sezzle. In return we share those proceeds with the Sezzle applicant and provide services at no charge to all FinTek-Pros portal members.

How do I Get Paid?

At the conclusion of each quarter 5% of the transaction fees collected by Sezzle are made available to you on your dashboard. You simply log in and release the funds or we can send your payment in the mail. The choice is yours.

Can I Get MORE than 5% Back?

Yes, you most certainly can. Refer other merchants to Sezzle through our portal and receive 3% of their transaction fees for their first 12 months.

What Happens After My Initial 12 Months?

Membership benefits in FinTek-Pros begin upon approval of your Sezzle merchant application. After your initial 12 months you will become a lifetime member of FinTek-Pros, receiving discounts on products and services that will enhance your business and your employees. Benefits also include free access to webinars, industry specific forums, team building, valuable prizes and much more.


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FinTek-Pros is not in any way associated with Sezzle. We receive a fee for referring prospects to Sezzle. In return we share those proceeds with you and provide services at no charge to all qualifying members. There is no guarantee that a merchant applying to Sezzle through this portal will be approved.